Secondary Glazing in Sheffield

Start saving money by lowering your energy bills with affordable and reliable secondary glazing

Secondary glazing is a common and simple installation process whereby a single layer of glazing is placed over an existing window pane as an alternative to double glazing.

Secondary glazing helps enhance the insulation of a building, providing sound insulation which is ideal if your office is a busy city centre or your house backs onto a main road. It can also lower your energy bills as less heat is lost, there is little mess or disruption as nothing is being removed, just placed over the top, and they are also a more affordable alternative to double glazing. For more information Download our brochure

Secondary glazing cannot cause any damage to the building as it is placed into the existing framework, therefore, there is no planning permission required. This makes it an ideal solution to those properties that are listed buildings or found in conservation areas.

Abbey Glass in Sheffield carry out high quality, secondary glazing in homes and workplaces throughout Sheffield, so if you’re considering it is an option, then please do not hesitate to get in touch so you can speak to one of our friendly team about costs and prices.

How Secondary Glazing Stops Heat Loss

Secondary glazing, as well as double glazing, is an excellent way of improving the energy efficiency rating of your home. The reduced heat loss will in turn help you to reduce your energy bills, saving you money.

The second pane fitted to your existing window creates a gap of trapped air between the two windows. This gap acts as an insulator, helping to prevent heat transfer by convection and reducing the rate of heat loss through the window panes.

With Secondary Glazing
Without Secondary Glazing