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What are the Alternatives to Double Glazing?


Double glazing is a great way of reducing your energy bills by insulating your home better and keeping your rooms warmer. However, for some households, this popular window choice is not an option, so alternatives need to be sought.

You may need to use an alternative to double glazing for a number of reasons, and a common choice in these cases is secondary glazing. Secondary glazing works by placing a single layer of glazing over the existing window pane, enhancing the insulation and sound insulation of the building. You may choose secondary glazing for your building for the following reasons:

  • Your house is a listed building and you are unable to install double glazing
  • Your house backs on to a main road
  • Your property is in a conservation area
  • Your office is in a busy city centre

Secondary glazing is a common process, and provides a great barrier against the heat and cold. The benefits of installation include:

  • A low cost installation process
  • Effective heat insulation, helping to reduce heating bills
  • No damage to the building
  • No planning permission required
  • Little mess or disruption during installation

Secondary glazing is therefore the perfect alternative to double glazing if your building’s regulations mean you are unable to alter the framework of the building, such as listed buildings. The added sound insulation the process offers means secondary glazing is also perfect of offices who are surrounded by a lot of traffic that could potentially be distracting.

Before investing in secondary glazing, make sure that your ceiling and floor insulation is already up to standard in order to get the most out of it’s insulating properties – this will help reduce your heating bill even further. You should also ensure that your windows and the frames are in good condition, and that they will last as long as the secondary glazing once it is installed. If they are broken or extremely old, having the frames or glass replaced first may be necessary.

Our experienced team here at Abbey Glass carry out secondary glazing services in homes and workplaces across Sheffield, providing a high quality of service every time. If you’re considering secondary glazing for your property, feel free to contact us today for more information, and we’ll be happy to help.

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