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What are the Alternatives to Double Glazing?

Double glazing is a great way of reducing your energy bills by insulating your home better and keeping your rooms warmer. However, for some households, this popular window choice is not an option, so alternatives need to be sought. You may need to use an alternative to double glazing for a number of reasons, and a common choice in these cases is secondary glazing. Secondary glazing works by placing a single layer of glazing over the existing window pane, enhancing the insulation and sound insulation of the building. You may choose secondary glazing for your building for the following reasons: Your…

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UPVC or Composite Doors: Which to Have?

Choosing the right door for your home can be difficult, with many options and varying prices available. Two of most popular options are UPVC and composite doors; UPVC doors tend to be the cheapest option, but are also less secure than composite doors. UPVC is highly weather resistant and requires little to no maintenance for many years, but does not provide as much security or insulation for your home. Composite doors, therefore, are often seen as an ideal compromise between low maintenance and higher security. Slightly more expensive than UPVC doors, composite provides the look of a wooden door with the…

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Why have a Glass Splashback for your Kitchen?

A splashback is an essential item when designing your kitchen in order to prevent grease and food staining your walls when cooking. Instead, a splashback provides an easy-to-clean surface that can be quickly wiped down after cooking, ensuring your kitchen stays looking spotless all the time. Glass splashbacks are an increasingly popular choice to the tile alternative, providing an easy to install surface that is not only quick to clean, but looks great too. We’ve listed a few of the reasons why a glass splashback makes an ideal addition to any kitchen below. Easy to clean The main function of a…

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What is Pilkington?

Here at Abbey Glass, we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality of glass to our customers. That’s why we install Pilkington glass, one of the leading glass manufacturers in the UK. Pilkington offer a wide range of flat glass solutions, made using innovative glass and coating technology right here in the UK. History of Pilkington Founded in 1826, Pilkington has been a leading glass manufacturer for a long time. In 2006, it became a member of the NSG Group, allowing them to focus on becoming a leader in the glass industry in the UK and developing new technology to front…

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How to Cut Glass to Size

Many people are put off glass cutting, fearing it is a technical process that could lead to glass shattering or being damaged. In fact, only a few basic tools are required to achieve a clean, steady cut to make your glass the perfect size! We’ve listed the steps to follow in our guide of how to cut glass. Prepare your Surface Use either a rag, blanket or layers of newspaper over a smooth work surface. This will ensure there are no bumps that could cause snagging when making the cut. Clean the Glass Wash the glass carefully before proceeding – if…

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Using Patterned Glass in your Home

Last month, we discussed the different types of glass and their various uses around the home. A patterned or textured glass can transform a room, from adding a detailed or decorative conversation point, to softening the light quality of different rooms. Here at Abbey Glass, we are committed to providing an informed and high quality service to all our customers. We’ve explained what patterned glass is, and how you can use it in your home, in more detail below. What is patterned glass? Patterned glass can also be known as decorative or textured glass, and can have a wide range of…

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Different Types of Glass & Their Uses

Glass can be manufactured with a range of physical properties to be used for many different requirements. From large industrial designs to basic domestic windows, the uses are exceedingly large. Here at Abbey Glass, we cater for everyone’s glass requirements, and our experts have compiled a useful list of the most popular types of glass and what uses they may commonly have. Flat glass Where is it used?: windows, glass doors Flat glass is the basic first product from the float process of making glass. It has a uniform thickness and makes the base for more advanced types of glass through…

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Welcome to the Abbey Glass news page.

Welcome to our blog! We will be updating this page with all the latest news from our industry, plus posts with helpful tips and advice for you to use. In the meantime, please feel free to have a browse of our site to see what we do and how we can help you.

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