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Does Double Glazing Reduce Noise?


Double glazing is composed of two sheets of glass with a small gap between them, leaving a 6mm air pocket. Standard windows, in contrast, are often just a single pane of glass and offer little in the way of insulation from the outside elements.

The main advantage to installing double glazing for your home or commercial premises is the design’s thermal insulation properties, keeping your home cool in the summer, and stopping heat from escaping in the winter – saving valuable money on heating bills.

Acoustic Insulation

However, double glazing also provides acoustic insulation, blocking out noise from the outside. This can be extremely useful to homeowners who live on busy roads, or offices located in the city centre that want to avoid distractions from the outside. The level of noise reduced by double glazing does vary depending on the type of glazing you have installed.

Thicker glass, or a larger gap between the two panes of glass, can significantly affect the level of noise that travels through your windows, so these elements should be considered when purchasing your double glazed windows.

For example, the following types of double glazing reduce noise pollution over a standard 3mm glass window by increasing percentages:

  • 12mm gap with 4mm width glass panes – 19% improved
  • 12mm gap with 10mm and 6mm panes – 34% improved
  • 12mm gap with 10mm and 6.38mm panes – 46% improved
  • 100mm gap with 6mm and 4mm panes – 57% improved

Double glazing is a great choice if you want to control the amount of outside noise that can be heard from inside your property, and the options for various glass widths and the gap between allows you greater control on the level of noise your building receives. Our glazing department provides a comprehensive service, supplying and fitting your glass to meet your requirements exactly.

If you’d like to find out more about the services Abbey Glass offers, simply contact our friendly team today and we’ll be happy to help you.

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