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Windows Energy Ratings Easily Explained

It is estimated that up to 20% of your home’s energy is lost via the windows, giving true meaning to the phrase ‘throwing money out the window’. Understanding your window energy ratings can stop you getting caught out and landed with a hefty energy bill. In this guide, we’ll be helping you get smart about energy ratings, and covering how they can help you and your home. What are Window Energy Ratings? Window Energy Ratings (WER) is a system to determine how energy efficient your windows are; in other words, how effective they are at gaining and retaining heat. Similar ranking…

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Single Vs. Double Vs. Triple Glazing: Heat Loss & U-Values

Warm air moves towards cold glass and a typical house loses 10% of its heat via the windows. This expensive loss of energy can be combatted by investing in the right type of glazing for your home, in order to boost your property’s thermal efficiency. Single Vs. Double Vs. Triple Glazing Single Glazing Conduction occurs easily with single glazing, as there is only one layer of glass between the inside air and outside air, allowing energy to escape more readily.   Double Glazing Double glazing is the installation of two sheets of glass, with spacer bars fixed around the edge to…

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