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What are the Alternatives to Double Glazing?

Double glazing is a great way of reducing your energy bills by insulating your home better and keeping your rooms warmer. However, for some households, this popular window choice is not an option, so alternatives need to be sought. You may need to use an alternative to double glazing for a number of reasons, and a common choice in these cases is secondary glazing. Secondary glazing works by placing a single layer of glazing over the existing window pane, enhancing the insulation and sound insulation of the building. You may choose secondary glazing for your building for the following reasons: Your…

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UPVC or Composite Doors: Which to Have?

Choosing the right door for your home can be difficult, with many options and varying prices available. Two of most popular options are UPVC and composite doors; UPVC doors tend to be the cheapest option, but are also less secure than composite doors. UPVC is highly weather resistant and requires little to no maintenance for many years, but does not provide as much security or insulation for your home. Composite doors, therefore, are often seen as an ideal compromise between low maintenance and higher security. Slightly more expensive than UPVC doors, composite provides the look of a wooden door with the…

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