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What is Pilkington?

Here at Abbey Glass, we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality of glass to our customers. That’s why we install Pilkington glass, one of the leading glass manufacturers in the UK. Pilkington offer a wide range of flat glass solutions, made using innovative glass and coating technology right here in the UK. History of Pilkington Founded in 1826, Pilkington has been a leading glass manufacturer for a long time. In 2006, it became a member of the NSG Group, allowing them to focus on becoming a leader in the glass industry in the UK and developing new technology to front…

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How to Cut Glass to Size

Many people are put off glass cutting, fearing it is a technical process that could lead to glass shattering or being damaged. In fact, only a few basic tools are required to achieve a clean, steady cut to make your glass the perfect size! We’ve listed the steps to follow in our guide of how to cut glass. Prepare your Surface Use either a rag, blanket or layers of newspaper over a smooth work surface. This will ensure there are no bumps that could cause snagging when making the cut. Clean the Glass Wash the glass carefully before proceeding – if…

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