Toughened and Laminated Glass in Sheffield

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For extra resilience within your windows or doors, look no further than our safety glass options here at Abbey Glass. The difference between tempered glass and usual glass, aside from the strengthened aspect, is the way it shatters.

Laminated glass is normal glass, but with the addition of a laminated membrane running through the centre. This ensures the glass is robust, so if it cracks, it will remain in one piece and can deter break-ins and restrict entry.

Toughened glass is different. When the glass is damaged it will break into tiny cubes, rather than shards, which is much safer, but on face value, this glass is also around 5x stronger than regular glass so is able to withstand much more force.

Toughened and laminated glass are used for many purposes, from car windows to phone screen protectors, and even forms part of bulletproof glass. This type of glass can also be used to provide strength and safety for shelves and tabletops, complementing the modern decorative qualities on offer.

If you or your premises need tougher glass for whatever reason, then the team at Abbey Glass will help to assess your requirements and recommended the ideal solution that meets all of your specifications.

Our expert fitters are trained in the supply and installation of toughened glass as well as laminated glass. For more information about our services in the Sheffield area, please feel free to get in touch with us today.