How to Measure Glass Splashbacks

A glass splashback is a stylish and practical addition to the kitchen, protecting your walls from grease and and water whilst still maintaining the aesthetics of the room. Getting the right measurements for your splashback is essential for ensuring you get the right fit for your requirements.

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Step 1

Draw a line in between your worktop and wall cabinets, directly in the middle. You can create this line with masking tape to avoid damaging your walls.

Step 2

Measure vertically to ensure the line is equal all the way along.

Step 3

Make a note of any sockets or light switches the splashback will cover, and measure the dimensions to the centre of these from both width and height.



Abbey Glass cannot accept any responsibility for any incorrect measurements made by customers. We advise you to follow the measuring guides’ instructions carefully. If you need further advice, just get in touch with a member of our friendly team.